Who Is Jay Williams

Jay Williams is a Multi Award Winner and Multi Award Nominated & Winning Radio Personality

Jay Williams is CEO of Multiple Radio Stations and Show. He is Ceo of The NEW Indie One Network, TAP Radio, Indie One Radio, The CCM Radio station,  Jay`s Jamz, The Word Channel Radio, Jay`s Pop Station (JPS) and also TheJay Williams Show which is currently on over 300 stations world wide. Jays station Indie One Radio is a BDS ,Digital Radio Tracking, BMI, ASCAP, SESAC Reporting Charting Station. His newest station is TAP Radio is also a BMI, ASCAP, SESAC Reporting station & DRT Monitoring station. All based out of Atlanta Ga. He also has a TV Show entitled The Jay Williams Show Tv and much more.. His TV show is coming to channel 24 on Cable in Atlanta Ga on the People`s TV cable network. He also will be appearing on many more outlets to be announced soon. He also have Major events like The After Party Showcase which goes down in Las Vegas after The Stellar Awards, He has The Radio Mixer where radio stations from all around the world come together and meet one another. Artist also perform in front of the stations and network with one another. He has "The Gospel Hip Hop Awards" , The Choir & Quartet Award Show to name a few. He has been nominated for several awards including Stellars. His goal is to be able to give indie artists the biggest platform around. To make them feel like Major Artists. Indie One Network has over 30 stations in it and growing world wide in 4 different time zones.12 of the stations are BDS, 5 of them are DRT, All of them are BMI. ASCAP, SESAC, Reporting stations